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This booklet is a collection of brief Masonic education programs available through internet sources
and represent the views of the individual authors and not any official position of the Grand Lodge
of Texas or any other Masonic Grand Lodge. The programs are provided as a way to encourage
each constituent Lodge in Texas to undertake a monthly Masonic education program as a routine
part of its monthly stated meeting. These programs are only a starting point to stimulate substantive
discussion in your lodge regarding our Masonic symbols, allegories, philosophy, and heritage. As
with all Masonic presentations the reader or listener must be careful to use the Light granted him
by the Supreme Deity to reflect upon and discern these presentations.
While the program is under the direct supervision of the Worshipful Master, it is suggested that
either the Senior or Junior Warden of the Lodge be responsible for implementing the monthly
education program. It is felt this approach will allow the Worshipful Master to focus on his duties
and give some sense of consistency to the program as we move through the 2015 Grand Lodge
The Masonic education programs are to be presented or read at the monthly stated lodge meetings.
The programs may be presented by anyone designated by the Lodge Officer in charge of
implementing the education program. These programs are brief, usually being 10 to 15 minutes in
length, and can serve as a lodge education program or a basis for further discussion during lodge
study nights. It is suggested that each program be presented during the month indicated in the
Table of Contents. The person presenting the Masonic education program should familiarize
himself with the wording to make the reading as comprehensible as possible.
These programs contained in this booklet are attributed to their source when known. To the best
of our knowledge, no copyrighted material has been used in this publication. Many of the programs
originated in the Short Talk Bulletin, published monthly by the Masonic Service Association of
North America under the auspices of its member Grand Jurisdictions, or from Masonic education
programs developed for the Grand Lodge of Texas.

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