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Freemasonry is much more than a social organization. Through Masonic teachings, good men
practice love and charity. As a Fraternity they spend millions of dollars to support hospitals,
childhood language disorders clinics, and research into problems that plague man's physical and
mental being. Whenever I visit a Masonic hospital, of which there are many, my eyes fill with
tears. As I see a youngster, who could not walk, now able to get from one end of the corridor to
the other with the aid of an artificial leg, I am thrilled. For a young person to have the opportunity
to become whole and productive is to me exciting and wonderful. And this opportunity is given at
no cost to his or her family or the state. Living is beautiful but sometimes life can be harsh and
cruel. Whenever or wherever people are in need Masons are there to help. From large undertakings
to the smallest of needs, Masons are always there, caring and serving.
I have always been interested as to why Masons devote so much time to their Fraternity. A good
answer to this question came from a Grand Master who once told me that he enjoys his
involvement because it gives him another dimension to living. The same answer is echoed by
Brethren as they meet in Lodge rooms from one end of our Country to the other and around the
world. Many of my best friends, associates, and fellow Christians are Freemasons and good
churchmen as well.
In my travels at home and abroad a goodly number of Freemasons notice my Masonic ring, which
I always wear. With pride they say: "I, too, am a Freemason."
To me, Freemasonry is one form of dedication to God and service to humanity. I too was a
Freemason in my heart and so I will remain. I am proud of my involvement. I am proud to walk in
fraternal fellowship with my Brethren. Why am I a Freemason? Simply because I am proud to be
a man who wants to keep the moral standards of life at high level and leave something behind so
others will benefit. Only as I, personally, become better, can I help others to do the same.

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