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in Scripture, and held it in high esteem. They looked with reverence to its knowledge, because they
knew the answers of life were contained within its pages. They were not afraid to quote it, to trust
it, to read it, and to apply it to their lives.
Masons must likewise emulate the Sts. John in their application of this Holy Light in their lives.
Only by its constant attention and application can a Mason improve his own life. If Masonry is to
grow today, it will not be through some flashy change or altering of ritual, it will be when each
brother begins to travel the circle on a regular basis, touching upon each of the patrons of Masonry
as well as the Scriptures. Each time we touch the Scriptures or the Sts. John, something should rub
off on each of us, just as brushing against chalk will leave its mark, no matter how light the touch.
Values like truth, subduing passions, brotherly love, care of widows and orphans and practicing
charity never go out of style. They are timeless values, and no matter how often attacked, always
rise victorious in the end.
The Sts. John are timeless examples for each of us. Their foibles simply show their humanness. It
is in their humanness that we can relate to them, and see that if we apply Scripture and our Masonic
teachings, we too can become better men!

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