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his heart that the Almighty God is indeed the creator of the universe and the giver of life, and
realize that the most godlike man is one whose life is the most constructive.
From another point of view, the pillars suggest the fact of birth, which has more and larger
meanings than at first thought. One does not enter a well-furnished manhood by chance, like a
blind man blundering through a doorway, but by virtue of study, labor, and preparation. On one-
hand, there is the terrestrial sphere with its wisdom and knowledge concerning the earth, its
physical existence, and its manual tasks to provide for himself and his family physically. On the
other, there is the celestial sphere, with its wisdom of spiritual life, the conscience and imagination,
and of the intellect and study of God’s nature to provide for himself and his family spiritually.
In the process of becoming a Fellowcraft Mason, you passed between the two great pillars, Jachin
and Boaz, of your own free will. This signified you were no longer a youth but a man. You have
the essentials for success, achievement, and happiness. If you passed these pillars with
understanding, if you realize that power without control is dangerous, you have learned the lesson
taught by the symbolism of the pillars.

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